Version 1.4 Released

Hello Couriers,

Version 1.4 has been uploaded. This is the final version that will be present in the printed copies for those who backed on Kickstarter. Any remaining physical copies will be made available for sale later this year after shipping has concluded.

Additional content will continue to be released here over the coming weeks including the Spotify playlist link.

Good luck out there!

- Cody


Courier - v1.4 1 MB
Aug 26, 2021

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Just curious: how much extra work is it in your process to add PDF bookmarks (since they're in the 1.1 PDF but not 1.4)?

(Honestly curious, not passive-aggressive)

I will have those for you tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder. :)

The work isn't much, I've just been wrapping up my Kickstarter campaign and mailing physical copies for the last 2 weeks and forgotten.