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Deadgrave is currently on development hold. 


Deadgrave is compact (<30 pages) miniatures skirmish wargame for 1 or more players in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Players take the role of a leader, choosing from a variety of background each with strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. The player's group is formed from a large selection of specialists, and general survivors. Choose how your group is formed, how you approach combat and scenarios, and what the focus will be for your playtime.

Adventure into the dangerous world, completing scenarios, and events as they appear. Over a series of games you will develop your group further, recovering new weapons, gear, and advancements for your safe-haven. Trade for new weapons, gear, and recruit even more survivors. 

Your progress will not go unnoticed... Rival groups will try to trade with you for goods and resources, or take it by force. A  simple faction relation system will keep you balancing your reach, security, and failures. Want to be the 'baddie'? Sure thing! Deadgrave allows you to decide what role you will play.

What Do I Need to Play?

  • A 2' by 2' space
  • 4 d10, two of one colour, 2 of another
  • Measurement tools for up to 12" (or 6" x 2)
  • Cool miniatures, standees, or tokens to represent characters and enemies
  • Some 3d terrain, recyclable materials, or whatever you want to represent the world
  • Tokens for loot locations, status effects, and hit points

Deadgrave uses a single d6 system for managing all combat encounters. You will be measuring distance (in inches), moving characters, rolling dice, and doing basic math.

Development and Timeline

Currently the core rules of combat are written, with a medium selection of characters to select as group members, and 2 scenarios to play. Development will be ongoing through the next few months of 2023 (May onward), so expect a full publication by year end.

What is Coming Next?

  • Safe-haven development
  • Resource management
  • Timers for tasks, missions, and events
  • Acquiring new weapons and gear for your group
  • Leveling up your favorite survivor to be the 'Right-Hand' or "Lieutenant'
  • Hex based mission selection
  • Additional group member types
  • Expanded rules for bandits, zombie variants, and other encounters
  • Rules for cooperative play and group coordination
  • Rules for competitive play against rival groups (player and AI controlled)
  • Group reputation and territory tracking
  • and more!

Have a suggestion that you'd like to see added to the features? Leave a comment and I'll take it into consideration!

Editing, layout, and art will be and separate funding venture once I feel the product is on track to reach publication in some form. Earliest would be end of 2023 as I have multiple other projects going and Deadgrave is my little testbed for skirmish games that I want to play.

Expect many updates for this project if you follow along. I try to provide a development log for each!

Note: Deadgrave is in no way associated with or endorsed by the Frostgrave and Stargrave games, their creator, nor publisher. This game borrows heavily from the rule system established in those games, with many new additions and changes to fit the theme. The current name is a placeholder that will likely change before publication.

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TagsCo-op, miniatures, Post-apocalyptic, skirmish, Solo RPG, Strategy RPG, Survival Horror, Tabletop, Zombies


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Hi, this game sounds intriguing on multiple fronts! I am primarily a solo player and wondering if this line item meant that you're designing it to where it would work for a solo player?

"Rules for competitive play against rival groups (player and AI controlled)"



Hey Steelheartx,

Deadgrave (or whatever it may end up as) has always been a primarily solo game with optional cooperative and competitive elements.

As of my writing, version 0.5, you can play versus just the zombies or add in the test NPC group, the 'Liberators' (TWD Saviors).  There are simple rules included on how to control the enemy factionand their leader Neil. In the future, there will also changes to the different factions you encounter as the group levels up over the course of a campaign to match the strength of your group. 

A lot of elements are still in the works so if you play now, it mostly a skirmish game with no real after-combat management. In the coming versions you will have out-of-combat management to work with, including a safe haven, outposts, and resources for new projects, all of which will provide bonuses for your group. A hex-based travel system will also be included so the player can pick out where they want to explore and also gain control over areas. This will all be solo friendly from the ground up.

Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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Thanks for the quick and thorough reply!  I appreciate it. I really enjoyed the play experience of the video game State of Decay even though it was somewhat restrictive. Your game seems like it'll meld the group skirmish and narrative aspects of the TWD series with the base building of SoD and other similar zombie video games.

I look forward to the future additions.