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In the far future of our galaxy the very foundation of democracy is under relentless siege. Chaos and tyranny threaten to engulf all corners of humankind. The fate of the worlds rest in the hands of the elite soldiers of humanity - the DEAD Troopers.

Welcome to the adrenaline-filled battleground of DEAD Troopers, a heart-pounding sci-fi action game that combines the strategic intensity of Helldivers with the relentless onslaught reminiscent of Starcraft's Zerg. As a defender of democracy, you are tasked with creating your very own DEAD Trooper, a highly trained specialist known for executing Dangerous Engagement Action Dives into the heart of extraterrestrial conflicts.

Whether you stand alone against the force of Dread or unite in force with up to 4 total players cooperatively, DEAD Troopers immerses you in a relentless fight for survival. Engage in high-stakes missions and push back the endless forces that threaten freedom.

Will you rise to the challenge and defend democracy, or succumb to the relentless forces threatening our way of life? The fate of the galaxy is in your hands. Deploy, engage, and survive - for the future of depends on the DEAD Troopers!

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DEAD Trooper is played on a 6x6 hexmap with 1 to 4 players. Players select a planet to take a mission on, generate the objectives and placement from a few tables, and jump into the battle. Completing the primary objectives lets the DEAD Troopers evac the mission but going for the sub objectives provides further rewards.

After a mission players can spend their hard-earned medals to purchase new weapons, armor, and upgrades while tooling their load-out to fit a playstyle that they enjoy.

All progress made by a trooper is permanent and can be carried over to any map or mission. Want to jump into a fight with a friend? Pull up your DEAD trooper and bring the fight to the dreaded aliens!

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AuthorSleepy Sasquatch Games
TagsAction RPG, cooperative, helldivers, Hexcrawl, skirmish, Solo RPG, Space, starcraft, starship-troopers, wargame


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