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In the Mechanic Profession expansion you will find rules for specializing in a specific Profession. A Profession allows the player to enhance their roleplaying and interaction with the game by opening up additional opportunities across the world and providing benefits for their own character.

What is Included in This Expansion?

Rules provided allow the player to choose the Mechanic Profession once the requirements for the Profession are met. The Profession outlines the benefits and actions added for choosing the Profession as well as the restrictions of use.

A character may only have one Profession at a time. Professions can be switched when the player reaches the requirements for another. All benefits of the old Profession are lost in place of the new Profession.

How’s it Implemented?

When a player meets the requirements for the Profession Actions of their chosen Profession, they may perform 1 or more of the actions listed for their current rank or below. Each chosen action is resolved one at a time. Results and rules for each Profession Action are provided.

Professions are ranked from 1 to 5. These ranks are: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Expert. A profession gains Profession specific experience by completing actions from their available list. The total amount of experience gained is listed for each action, with more lucrative actions requiring additional materials to complete.

Players that are cooperatively sharing their game can also choose to perform their own Profession Actions at the same time. Bonuses from Profession Actions will indicate if the bonus is given to cooperative buddies as well. As always, assume you have enough time to partake in all chosen actions for your group.

When all players have finished their chosen Profession Actions, they are free to continue their adventures as described in the core rules and expansions.

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is there a version out there formatted as pages? I'm printing GLIDE, and this is the only expansion formatted as Spreads lol

Uploading now for you. My layout document was corrupted and wasn't allowing me to export as pages. All good!


thank you for the swift response! 
hope you have a great 2024!!

Very excited for the new expansion, but...something's up with the pdf. Page numbers are off and the TOC appears to be from the Downtime expansion. Anyone else seeing that or is it just me?

Good catch! I'll update that ASAP. Affinity was having a few issues with my GLIDE template and looks like my recent export was funky.

Excellent! Thank you!


Woop woop! Downloaded and added to my collection of Glide expansions I haven't yet used (but I'll get to it....oh yes)!


One day! My pile of games to play is a never ending beast as well.