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[STATIC] … lifeforms in pursuit and hostile. This thing is fast. We’ve already lost … [MIC CUTS]
[EXHAUSTED BREATHING, STATIC] We’re moving to the safe house XC. Please FIST, send backup before things get worse. [SHOUTING, TIRE SCREECH, MIC CUTS]

MAJESTIC MISSION is a mission and alien encounter zone for FIST: Ultra Edition. In this mission you will work with MAJESTIC agents to stop an alien detonation of an experimental stolen nuclear warhead in a middle-of-nowhere town outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. FIST have been called in as backup for this mission through MAJESTIC contacts that are classified in nature. 

In this 6 page zine you will find:

  • Multiple alien encounters of a grey kind.
  • A new TRAIT for those who want to believe.
  • A time sensitive mission that will have you chasing down the end of the world in the Great White North.

FIST: Ultra Edition is an amazing piece of work by CLAYMORE. I cannot recommend the game enough for anyone interested in paranormal activities, alternative Cold War fiction, and Metal Gear Solid. This project was created for the FIST: Ultra Jam.

I hope you enjoy and keep watching the skies!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorSleepy Sasquatch Games
TagsAliens, fist, fist-mission, military-rpg, One-shot, paranormal, rules-lite, Sci-fi


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MAJESTIC MISSION is a FIST mission that splashes the core game with X-COM.

The PDF is 7 pages and very cleanly organized. Black and white photos and splashes of red are mixed into a very professional looking brochure format.

Contents-wise, MAJESTIC is a quick and simple mission that sows the seeds for more X-COM style play. There is no major twist, no justified paranoia, only a series of straightforward engagements with some cool color, a mix of foes, and an assortment of environments. Frankly, it's a great intro to FIST, and very easy to GM and play.

Overall, if you want an introductory FIST mission, or if you want to lean your campaign towards dealing with things from the stars, this is a great pick. It's solid, easy to read, and makes for a great one or twoshot for your group.

Minor Issues:

-Page 3, "and cannot be contact" contacted

Page 3, "The aliens are a familiar lifeforms" no a


This is a solid little encounter of the third kind. "MAJESTIC MISSION" is a short little one-two shot focused on easing nuclear tensions between the world and a rogue alien threat.

This zine is beautiful. The art is excellent. The layout is easy to digest and read. It gets a lot across in no time at all. Absolutely prime stuff here.


looks beautiful! any possibility for a 'Pages' format?

Thanks! I'll upload a pages version for you.