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Welcome to Troves a lighthearted solo and cooperative roleplaying game of exploring, discovering, and recovering lost treasures from across a fantasy inspired world. In Troves you will:

•    Explore thematic Delves using adventure modules

•    Fight monsters, cast spells, use abilities, and recovery shiny treasure

•    Develop your character’s abilities through each successful, or tragic, delve

•    Create your own original story with each game session

Troves is a beginner friendly introduction to the world of GM-less RPGs and tabletop gaming blending dice rolling, imagination, and shared emergent storytelling. No Game Master needed!

Elements of Play

The player will Delve, reach a Finale at the location, and then Return. These 3 steps make the core loop of Troves.

Each game of Troves requires the player to have a Delve picked out. All Delves provide the needed tables and rules to delve into. Each location will test all the abilities of a player as they work to gather Knowledge, recover treasure, and overcome the Finale.

On success or failure of an adventure, the player will Return to their starting location where they can recover, upgrade their skills and abilities, and even purchase new equipment or upgrades for their existing equipment. All treasure is sold at this step to add to the total Coins available for the player for purchasing upgrades, equipment, and more.

Troves can be played cooperatively with up to 3 people so grab a few friends and get exploring!

Maze of the Wyrm

Hidden deep within the shadowed valleys of an ancient forest lies the rumored Lair of the Wyrm, a place whispered about by brave adventurers and broken Delvers. Enshrouded in a mystery of overgrown foliage, this abandoned maze serves as the domain of the fearsome Wyrm.

The Maze of the Wyrm is the first Adventure Location for Troves. Players will explore the hallways of an ancient ruin in search of treasures while attempting to avoid the traps and dangers inside before confronting the Wyrm. Additional Delves will be made available as itch funding progresses. 

Included free for everyone is a template to make your own Delve!  Add your own art, flair, and uniqueness to the project, as well as put it up for sale (or free)! Tag me @SasquatchGames, or send me an email, and I'll add it to the Troves Delves list. You can grab the files in the "Demo" section of this page.

Create a Delve using the Delve Templates and share it for others to play. Tag or email me (links above) and I'll add you to the list above!

All art for Troves is by Drew Shields (@TheGnarlyGhost).

Troves © 2024 by Sleepy Sasquatch Games is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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TagsCo-op, Family Friendly, Fantasy, GM-Less, Loot, rules-lite, Solo RPG, treasure, Tabletop role-playing game
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I did a playthrough stream on my solo TTRPG show. Myself and everyone in the chat was really enchanted by the art and the mechanics. This is probably my fave solo D&D-like thus far (just edging hex crawl). 

A quick note, there is no #14 on the "Maze of the Wyrm" location table. 

Also, I think the game would benefit from an update where there's more flexibility in the character builder--though I realize that might be difficult to balance. 

Otherwise, I hard recommend this lovely game. 


Thank you for the feedback! I see there is no 14 on the Challenge of Crump delve either, so I must have deleted the row a while back.

I will take the character builder idea into consideration. Perhaps including an option for players to pick from any of the backgrounds for an "advanced start" would be possible. I'm not worried about the balance of characters as Troves is more about having fun and doing cool things.

I am happy to hear that you had fun and if you want to share the link to the stream please do! I will promote it on my socials as well.


Ah I didn't want to be tacky and make it about me, but if you would like to share the stream, it's here: 


As a side point--in my personal game not on stream--I did find some of the combat was pretty easy for me, so I added the +2 hp buff for a "Hard mode". I'm only mentioning this because you might want to note it as an option in the game docs. It doesn't seem to break anything. Just less likely to be over in a round. 


Thank you for sharing! Not tacky at all, I love to share people's experiences with my games. I'll be sure to watch the whole thing soon.

The combat is designed to be easy and quick. I will take into consideration the Hard Mode option as other feedback has indicated the same. I've had a few Delves where I was completely stomped by the game and thought it too hard but having the options for players is always good!

Building on the custom character system you mentioned, I have a rough outline of how it works done and will be testing it for a bit before updating the game with the rules. It is pretty straightforward and I hope people can make some broken characters with it, or even just challenge runs. It also opens the door for custom character creation for community content, which is something on my to-do list for Troves.


Awesome! Looking forward to it. If I wasn't currently running a PF2e and 5e game, I would absolutely create a trove. I have a couple of ideas for them. 


Bought it a few days ago. Im somewhat new to TTRPGs and completely new to solo RPGs. I am absolutely in love with this game. I ran a solo version of the included delve and will be playing again with my 8 year old as an introduction to TTRPG/Creative Writing.

Glad to hear it! Please let me know how it goes and be sure to check out the other free Delve: The Challenge of Crump

Is there a change log for the changes of 1.1 to 1.2?

(1 edit)

1.2 was correcting a few visual artifacts that showed up on export and grammatical issues.


Currently skimming through the book, so I’ve noticed that, at page 4 the last sentence is unfinished:

Luck is restored at the

at the… end of the session? at the end of the Delve?


You got it right, at the end of the Delve.

I see on my end that there is an artefact clipping the text on that page. Sorry about that.

I would like to have a go at creating a delve for Trove (and get a free copy).  Can you give me a rough guide to the game so that I can grok the stats needed for tests and monsters etc?


Absolutely. I will update the Delve Template files with some more information sometime today.


Excellent! I have an idea…

Excited to see the result. You can grab the new bundle which includes some more information added to the document that should make things easier to create and also help scale the experience in a fun way.

Thanks :-)


Just bought this, can't wait to play! I was bummed about the Kickstarter, so happy to see it completed.