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The Galvanic Observatory

Atop the highest peak is an abandoned observatory, rumoured to have secret knowledge left from the mad scientist who conducted his experiments. The peak is under constant assault from lightning strikes attracted to the multiple lightning rods protruding from the rooftops.
Climbing to reach the observatory is a feat many will not attempt but the rumours of ancient secrets and strange creatures lures many in. Are you one of the foolish destined to be grounded or a Delver who will weather the eye of the storm? Time will tell…

The Galvanic Observatory is a hard Delve recommended for 2 or more players. Player will venture inside an abandoned observatory filled with old science equipment and experiments. The location attracts massive electrical storms to power the strange machines and creatures.

This Delve was created by Tim Holt and published with their permission. Enjoy!

Troves © 2024 by Sleepy Sasquatch Games is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
All images used in this Delve are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 with Game-Icons.


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