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WYRD is a game Carved by RUNE. If you are familiar with the RUNE game system by GilaRPGs then you will have no trouble jumping in. There are a few modifications to the system to make it more my own, while keeping the core mechanics in.

WYRD is a solo tabletop game with light roleplaying elements. You take on the role of an adventurer exploring a cursed city full of evil beings and dangerous encounters. You have been drawn to this place by the wyrd stones that can be found scattered around the city. These stones are extremely valuable and present magical abilities to those who posses them.

Throughout your time in WYRD you will encounter new enemies, explore a variety of locations, uncover mysteries to the city, and grow in strength.


The current released version of WYRD is a combat only playtest. You will find all the rules and documents needed to jump onto a 6x6 tactical grid and start throwing dice and fighting monsters.

As I continue to develop WYRD, the playtest rules will grow to include a sample of everything. At a point I feel the game is ready to be published in a physical format an funding campaign will be set up for this page.

All art currently being used in WYRD is created by Evlyn Moreau


  • WYRD uses a modified equipment system providing single action that each item can perform with the correct value.
  •  Movement is tied to armour for the player characters. Heavier armour means you are moving a lot slower than your lighter armoured counterparts.
  • The player characters share a dice pool using the total combined Stamina for the party. The player can assign the d6 results to any character, in any combination, allowing a higher tactical experience for gameplay.
  • Characters can grow in strength by completing a variety of actions rewarding experience (XP). The character can trade-in their XP for permanent bonuses to their stats and abilities.
  • Combat is procedural generated using a simple rule system of Location, Encounter, and Modifier. You can find the full rules for this in the playtest!
  • Your character can move in all directions on the hexagonal grid! More freedom for all character builds.

Even more changes and additions are coming with the continued development of WYRD!


Psycho Headcheese

Just brilliant. The system is cool, the art is amazing and it's highly replayable! This one will get a lot of table time at my house. If you're a solo TTRPG enthusiast and/or a skirmish gamer, do yourself a favor and grab this one.


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WYRD - Playtest v4 (Spreads).pdf 22 MB
WYRD - Playtest v4 (Pages).pdf 29 MB
Wyrd - Playtest Character Sheet v4.pdf 135 kB

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I'm trying out version 4 atm, what am I supposed to do with the the third card? The first drew up the map, but the what does the card for combat determine?

Cards go as Exploration - Discovery - Combat.
Exploration gives you the 5x5 map (Locations on page 11+).
Discovery gives you the obstacles, modifications, etc. (pages 18-19)
Combat SHOULD gives you the enemies encountered that are found on pages 16-17. I see now that things are messed up there.

I'll post an update today to fix this. Thank you for letting me know.


Cool cool! Loving the game so far!


Oh, nice! :D

Thanks, Evlyn!


Just ran my first combat. Questions!

1. What is the difference between a range of A and a range of 1?

2. Is diagonal adjacent?

My three characters encountered 2 Skeletons and a Skeleton Archer in a Warband Camp. Additionally, rats were swarming the place, biting our legs. My Leader got a Move and an Attack result for his dice, and was able to get adjacent to all 3, since we didn't see them until they were right next to us. With his 2H axe he quickly dispatched all 3 enemies, but not before they got a few scratches in.

I beat the entire enemy force in 1 hit, if Cleave is able to be used on adjacent enemies. While fun, that seems like a bit much. I really, really dig this game. PLEASE continue to work on it.

Also, any ideas for PnP terrain that would work for Wyrd? I'm thinking flat only, for space.


Thanks for playing!

1 - Adjacent is anything next to the space in an orthogonal (up, down, left, right) direction. Range of 1 can be any space within 1, in all directions.

2 - Diagonal is considered 1 away, not adjacent. You will see a range of 1 being listed for ranged weapons only for this reason.

I'll be sure to clear this up on my next iteration as it actually confuses the next part...

Cleave only does 1 damage to adjacent enemies, not the full amount of damage for the weapon (page 13). Cleave is unique in that it does 1 damage at Range 1, when weapons only target Adjacent or Melee. It's a bonus for using a 2 handed weapon.


I'm happy to hear the procedural generation gave you an interesting encounter to experience. I am looking further into character spawn locations as the 6x6 grid with obstacles does limit starting points for the groups. It does seem like 3/4 times I start within 2 of an enemy which can always feel like an ambush, which isn't the direction I want combat to be going to.

I currently use round tokens of different sizes and colour for my obstacles and difficult terrain. I'll put together a printable token sheet for next release, to help those players who might not have tokens and such on-hand.


Yeah, I screwed up Cleave. That was me thinking I remembered it correctly, instead of looking it up in the moment. I'm going to re-set that party, and try that scenario again. Thank you!