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GLIDE is a solo (and cooperative) sci-fi tabletop RPG adventure game inspired by the world of Frank Herbert's Dune

Players take the role of a Seeker; a member of a collective group of nomads, traders, ecologists, and hopefuls that have come together with the common goals of rebuilding the planet Eridoor. Seekers navigate the desert wastes for scrap left behind by the Great Houses of before, in hopes that they will one day contribute to the restoration of the planet's past beauty and splendor.

As you explore everything GLIDE has to offer, you will acquire Fame, which ultimately leads to the end of the game. How you earn Fame is up to you, with many different pathways depending on your playstyle. Want to explore your world even further? GLIDE offers rules for returning to your version of Eridoor with a new character to continue on a map that you enjoy.

The Game

GLIDE makes use of a unique dice rolling system for skill tests. Players will increase one of three stats (Hardy, Knowledgeable, and Resourceful) to increase their chance of success when Exploring or Encountering in the world. Locations each have levels, from 1 to 3, which dictate the number of six-sided dice (d6) to roll. Roll a number equal to or less than your chosen stat to use for the skill test to gain a success. Gain enough successes and you will be rewarded! If you cannot complete a skill test, you may always return at a later time to try again.

At its core, GLIDE is about exploring and revealing the desert around them. Players will reveal new locations on their map, which  provide opportunities to adventure outward from settlements and find resources to sell, or contribute to one of the Guilds. Games can vary in length, averaging 1 hour for a short game, and 3 hours for a long game. The longer you stay in the world of GLIDE, the more you will reveal and discover. You do not need to see everything in one play session as GLIDE is easily saved by recording a few bits of info before tucking it away.

The World of Eridoor

A long time ago, the green lushness of Eridoor stood as the prize jewel to many Great Houses. These Houses form the Council of Empires, a ruling system over the known universe. Each House rules over their own people, to forward their own agenda, power and control, and take from all planets they choose, returning nothing to the soils. 

Over many centuries of exploitation from the Great Houses, Eridoor began to dry up, becoming a barren and sandy husk of its once beautiful self. Conflict erupted, subtle and shadowed at first, then quickly open and violent, across the planet and in the space above. The Great Houses fought for one resource in particular: a precious mineral with a latent power to transform any planet of their choosing into a verdant, life giving world.

When the last of the known mineral was finally harvested, the surviving Houses began leaving the now completely barren planet, in exchange for returning to their own worlds with the newfound ability to create something from nothing. Sadly, Eridoor saw no such nicety.

What's in the Core Rules?

  • Rules for creating a characters and selecting a background to suit your starting position in the world
  • Guides on all the actions you can take in game, from revealing unique locations to exploring ruins and collecting scrap
  • Map creation rules, references, and tables galore
  • Upgrades to customize your character and Glider to suit your playstyle
  • Multiple Guilds to choose from and quest lines to pursue including building a relic museum and racing Gliders (the hover-bikes)
  • Plenty of illustrations from Emiel Boven, bringing the world of Glide to life
  • A simple companion system that provides additional benefits and routes to success for some characters

What Else do I Get?

  • A printable map to record your travels
  • A printable character sheet to track your resources, upgrades, and more
  • A free expansion called Smugglers, adding more exploration, quests, and alternative ways to generate larger amounts of Credits in game
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorSleepy Sasquatch Games
TagsCasual, dune, Exploration, glide, Relaxing, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionAbout an hour


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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GLIDE - FAQ and Errata 1.0.pdf 66 kB

Development log


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Hello! I wonder if it would possible to play Glide with a group? What do you think folks? :) I love Sable and other inspirations used here. The feeling of your RPG is exactly the same as the game and I want to share this experience with others so badly :)

(1 edit) (+1)

You can follow the Cooperative Play rules found on page 72 of the rules to get that up and running. I'm sure you could find players in a Discord server to play with. Check out the Reddit Solo_Roleplay sub as a start!


Thanks! I have my offline group and as I just bought the game we will try it soon! Artworks are beautiful and the character sheet has a cool vibe - can't wait to dive into the rules :) 



How do I get a Physical copy of the game? What is the price?

Thank you


If you are in North America, your best option would be from Knave of Cups. They are selling physical copies, while they last, starting tomorrow.  Check out the website here: https://knaveofcups.com/ 

If you are in the rest of the world, I had a print on demand option being setup with DriveThruRPG. Waiting for my final proofs before I can launch that.

Hope that helps!


Question/clarification: when exploring another hex from a explorable location, can you draw the same result? For example, if I’m exploring the Giant Snake Skeleton, can I draw Jaws of Razors a second time in the second hex for exploring? Or do I automatically use the other suit? Or? Perhaps the answer is in the text, but I may have overlooked it.


You got it right. You would combine those two locations into one bigger version. There is no rules about needing to draw another card or switch suits for subsequent duplicate draws.


Ordered physical print, how long before shipping takes place?  Never really received a confirmation email about delivery…just download links.

Hey! I just got around to sending out emails to those who ordered physical copies this week. Sorry for the delay. They will be shipped out as soon as today (November 11 - 2022).


love it!🤘


Hey is there any open license or opportunity to create content for Glide? I maybe myself a new map/tracker sheet and did some tweaks to the Character sheet I would love to share. Also, I’ve been having some extra game ideas as I have been playing. 


Absolutely! I will include some information on the main page for the license, including branding and what is considered fair-game for third-party creations. I'm fine with creations being sold by the creator, as long as they include a "compatible with GLIDE" declaration and the logo (as mentioned). Will need to do a bit more research as to how other print games handle this, so give me a few days before the update is available.

If you have more questions, please send me an email at sleepysasquatchgames@gmail.com, as it's easier to correspond in long-form.

Hi, I just went through character creation and was hyped to get started with the exploration of the desert, but I can’t find any value for starting speed (or if a character starts with a glider at all). Is the starting speed 1 or 2 as listed for level 1 in the glider upgrades?



Hey! The starting Speed is 1. You can find that info in the FAQ/Errata v1.0, which is listed in the "demo/free files" section of the GLIDE page. 

Level 1 upgrades are the first upgrade to your starting Stats. Hope that clears things up for you.

Question: can you pre-find quest items even if you don't have an active quest? So for example I picked up two at the Gilder Station but don't have an active quest. Do I just keep them?

Nope! Quest items are ignored unless you have an active quest. Assume that you don't know what you need to find until you take on a quest.

IS there a sample play through video anywhere?

(1 edit)

There is not any videos, that I can find. If you have a recommendation of someone you'd like to see play it, please let me know and I'll reach out to them.


I' going to try it this week and sometimes it's nice to see the “how to”

I'm getting ready to play the game - it looks like a lot of fun.  I'd really love to be able to purchase a print version.  They're easier for me to work with when gaming.


I have a few copies going up today. The price will be $25 USD, shipping included. 


Any chance of getting an easy print version? 

The game is beautiful, but all the black pages will take a whole printer cartridge.

Thanks for requesting this! I will upload a low-ink version within the next 12 hours, with the inside covers removed and some adjustments to the contrast levels for the covers. That should help cut down on the ink budget.


Thank you so much!

You're welcome. The "Low Ink Version" zip contains both spreads and pages, depending on your printing preference.

I found this on drivethrurpg before here - is there any chance for the lowing version to be added to that as well??


I will add that as soon as possible. It may take a few days for DriveThruRPG to approve the upload, so keep and eye out for the update email.


The Expansion has a bad extension and does not download.


Thanks for letting me know, William! I will upload a new version ASAP.


Worth the wait! Love this book. 

Appreciate the kind words. I hope you enjoy playing GLIDE!